Why We’re Here

Co-op Homes Action Network exists to connect housing co-op residents with each other and to provide the resources needed to protect ourselves and our neighbours from unfair boards of directors and property managers. Co-op residents may not have the same rights as tenants, but we do have the ability to organize and take back control of our co-ops! It’s time co-ops return to being co-operative and resident-run!

Many co-ops belong to the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHFC) and its regional affiliates, such as CHF-Toronto, Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario (CHASEO) and CHFBC. Co-ops pay a lot of money to be members of these associations.

These associations say they provide valuable services to co-ops. But aren’t co-ops supposed to be run by their members, not technocrats and property managers?

Co-op residents should know that membership in these federations is NOT mandatory. If you organize within your co-op, you can vote to withdraw membership at any point. The money your co-op saves can then be funnelled back into your co-op for repairs, setting up a trust fund for legal counsel for residents, workshops, or consultations.

We want co-op residents to ask one simple question: “What are CHF and the regional federation doing for my co-op?”