CMHC Reports

In the Spirit of Co-operation [1990]
Case study of 12 housing co-ops.
The purpose of the case studies was to provide qualitative, in-depth information on such key issues in the co-operative housing evaluation as management of co-operatives, benefits to residents, social integration and interaction with communities.


The Evolution of Member Conflict in Housing Cooperatives [1993]
This study examines identifiable patterns to the evolution of conflict in non-profit community-based organizations, of which housing co-ops are an example, and considers the causes which might account for these patterns. The researchers worked from the premise that there exist structural circumstances and developmental patterns of organizations which place people in inevitable situations o f conflict. This premise was tested in three housing co-operatives using a participatory group assessment exercise called Lifeline Analysis.


Empowerment in Cooperative Organizations [1998]
This research project deals with the process of integrating and empowering members to take over the reins of their rental housing cooperative.
The report comprises two parts. The first part provides a framework for the analysis of participative management practices in rental housing cooperatives. This framework is particular in that it focuses on the empowerment of the members with regard to the takeover of their organization. The second part presents five management cases based on real-life experiences in housing cooperatives.